Firesign Theatre
On August 24, 2001,
the Firesign Theatre filmed a stage show at CBS studios in Los Angeles for a PBS special titled "Weirdly Cool".

The Firesign Theatre PBS special was shown on many PBS stations that December.

It's available on DVD and VHS.

Here is an article about the making of the special.

Firesign Theatre appeared on public radio's "Been There, Done That", hosted by Marty Goldensohn. Click the link to go to their archives and listen to their 5/11/02 show, a repeat from last December.


Here's a flash panorama showing them after recording "Weirdly Cool"

Phil Proctor has a number of backstage shots from "Weirdly Cool" here.

A couple of large posed shots (about 240k each) of Firesign Theatre as the Nick Danger cast here and here,
plus a collage of miscellaneous smaller photos.