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November 17, 2006 is the 40th anniversary of the Firesign Theatre!

Peter Bergman's "Radio Free Oz" on KPFK often had guests, and on
November 17, 1966, Peter Bergman, the show's producer Phil Austin,
KPFK's former dramatic director David Ossman, and Phil Proctor
(an actor friend of Bergman's) improvised the "Oz Film Festival",
marking the first collaboration of what would soon become The
[Oz] Firesign Theatre:

There are no known recordings of this show; however, if you have
this or any other rare Firesign recordings, we want a copy!
Please use this form describing what obscure Firesign material
you have, and help complete the Firesign library:

Take her away for regrooving.
  -- Firesign Theatre