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"New Mexican Overdrive" Released on CD 

The Lodestone Catalog and Otherworld Media today announced the release
of the fifth disc in the George Tirebiter Collection, "New Mexican

NMO is a live broadcast from the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts and
another episode in Tirebiter's fascinating career as radio star, movie
director, political candidate, and occasional "ear" for a billionaire

"New Mexican Overdrive tells the story of George's Trip into the New
Mexico desert to observe the dramatic test of the government's newest
Super-Sonic weapon.  This thing could win the cold war.  But at what
cost to the domestic environment?

Produced by Judith Walcutt for Otherworld Media, the performance stars
David Ossman as George Tirebiter with a large and comical cast of
Seattle-area stage and voice-over actors. 

Also on the disc, is the bonus extra "Tirebiter's Time Machine."  This
time, George is off to 1938 to report back for Public Radio listeners.
Time travel is tricky, though -- you never know what, or who, you will

The disc is part of a collection of the works of "legendary" Hollywood
actor George Leroy Tirebiter.  Mr. Tirebiter is best known to
contemporary audiences for his work with the Firesign Theatre, including
his featured role in "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers" 

This CD is being released in cooperation between Otherworld Media  and
The Lodestone Catalog.  The CD is currently available only through The
Lodestone Catalog at

Other selections from the collection are available at

The Lodestone Catalog ( is an online
catalog of audio theatre recordings, featuring the world's best
selection of contemporary English-Language audio theater, including a
comprehensive selection of works by the Firesign Theatre. 

Otherworld Media is an audio theater production company created by
Judith Walcutt and David Ossman.  Many of their productions can be found

George Tirebiter (  is a long-retired
Hollywood celebrity, best known for his radio programs, including "Young
Tom Edison, Railroad Detective," "The Adventures of Mark Time, Star
Detective of the Circum-Solar Federation," "Maxwell Morgan, Crime
Cabby," and his long-running part as himself in "Hollywood Madhouse." 

David Ossman is just famous enough to make it into Wikipedia:

If it's not life threatening, I'm not interested
  -- Firesign Theatre