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King Kong is REAL. Just don't let him get to yah!

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Submitted by Karl Denim on December 24, 2005 at 05:38 AM
Subject: King Kong is REAL. Just don't let him get to yah!

Concerning immediate federal and local court intervention... According to the Federal Communications Commission Code SECTION. 76.53 Sioux Falls............... 43[deg]32[min]35[sec] North Latitude & 96[deg]43[min]35[sec] West Longtitude is the city referred to in this essay.
However the Possible Code References warranting serious consideration and legal attention are: USC. 47 chptr I SEC.63.501 SEC.68.610/612/614 SEC.51.325-335 SEC.51.801 SEC.73.1615
Concerning federal and local intervention. SUSPECTED: Signal loading at formerly registered or unregistered transmission location. It is based on speculation and deduction, that the Zip Feed Mill building in Sioux Falls South Dakota, and its deep foundation of concrete and literally miles of embedded wire supporting reinforcing bars, and beams, was not the original structure intended to be placed on the foundation of the building. It is the purpose of this official application for "court defined demolition and dissolution" to ensure that the health and safety of the City of Sioux Falls and its citizens is protected by the guaranteed compliance with all civil statutes, electrical codes, federal requirements and radiation standards. Regulations in the National Electrical Code and the Federal Communications Commission should be enforced against any electrical, electrostatic, or possibly transmission oriented use of the foundation, either now remaining or previously connected to the Zip Feed Mill building, considered as "not restricted to the regulated business of a national telephone system", as revealed in the history of AT&T negotiations with the Department of Justice. There is a concern about the hurried arrangements made with the town council by the Howalt-McDowell insurance agent, Jeff Scherschligt, pronounced searchlight, possibly known as "Agent Searchlight", and the plans to renovate the structure in Sioux Falls SD, ostensibly built in the 1950's as a feed mill with an unusually deep foundation and the eastern wall substructure that may be a power service entrance or extraordinary capacitor design in the foundation of the building across the railroad tracks west of the intersection of East 6th street and North Weber ave, a public avenue which winds north and east out of town, becoming East Rice street, toward the Angus Anson plant of Xcel Energy about 5 miles out of town near Six Mile Road on the property of the failed nuclear generator Pathfinder mentioned at Xcel Energy's web site,,00.html What is required is, or could be revealed from a circuit trace, or diagrams of old AT&T facilities given up by AT&T Bell Systems, now RBOC of Canada, plans that may or not be available through the Justice Department regarding the integrity of agreements to comply with antitrust stipulations that may have led to the continuance of telecommunications design in the foundation of the structure while finishing the building as a Zip Feed Mill, surmising that the connections to the foundation in 1956 a.d., the year, coincide approximately to time when the Pathfinder Nuclear Generator was announced non working or in the planning stages, to INSURE A COMPLETE AND IMMEDIATE DISCONNECTION, court or commission designed and observed, of the structure from any and all old or new energy suppliance and operational or standby service of an illegal or obsolete nature which might remain connected.
Note: demolition of the building by explosives, possibly creating signal
cable or waveform spurious design of sine waves or jamming by impacting, or causing spikes in, any electrical current in the vicinity, was attempted by carefully implanted percussive blasting caps on December 03 2005, but the building is now being beaten to the ground by a boom crane operator with wrecking gear.
However there is a feeling of ineptitude that causes this inquiry and request for Federal intervention and expertise to determine if electrical underground service to the building, from whatever direction, exists, mainly because super-electrified buildings and monstrously demolished hulks of same are a distraction and could be a financial loss and a security threat to the United States if hazardous radiation or cable jamming were allowed into the area, and to remain in the area, on inadequately researched real estate, both technically and historically, when the crews begin building a new building on improperly cleared real estate, such as an abandoned or unregistered transmitter. The building is essentially on the same street, yet 5 or 6 miles away from a nuclear generator of the 1950's or 60's, that worked for 60 some hours and then permanently failed, and was decommissioned. For more pictorial info on the structure and history of the building in the city of Sioux Falls consult the photo gallery, the november 2005 photos called Zip Feed Mill Demolition items 18, 19, 21, and 23. For more recent photos of the attempt at blasting the building down consult the photo gallery called Demolition Day dated december 2005 at the Argus Leader website.
Remember the demolition team might have forgotten to "Call Before You Dig".
The agency of control does not wish to see chaos digging up more than it can handle or burying a past that should be entirely removed. FOR MORE ABOUT AT&T VISIT What might have happened is that the planned voltage impaction or compression did not travel as planned by the designers of the blasts' effects, because of sub zero temperature conditions OR OTHER ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE, diffusing the tight surge, but there was one story printed in the local paper, about a nearby Wells Fargo bank elevator that stalled, with its phone inoperative, at the time of the blasting at the base of the old Zip Feed Mill in question.
Additional legal attention could be brought into present litigation and indictments or at least a visit by local detectives on the case regarding the beneficiaries of the insurance policies and disbursements paid following two apparently unsolved suspected arsons in the Sioux Falls downtown area, the historic, I believe, Hanson Building fire, and the fire at the Zip Feed Mill's "adjacent buildings", not too long ago.

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