David Ossman as Harold Hiphugger

Peter Bergman as Chump Threads

Phil Austin as Bebop Loco

Phil Proctor as Ray Hamberger

and Paul Remington as The Interviewer

Introducing the four or five guys. Paul Remington brings you up to date
on the state of the artists and takes a shot at explaining the unexplainable.

Proctor, Bergman, Austin & Ossman give you all the inside poop on Radio Now, the ultimate
dial stop for Y2K (year 2000), where the format changes after every commercial break!

The final reel in this vintage motion picture, as the four or five
guys discuss their long history and the philosophies that drive them.

Dr. John Scialli for invaluable help and endless support that made this piece happen; Michael Packer for sharing his storehouse of knowledge; Cathy Williams at Rhino for her cooperation; Jeff Abraham at Jonas Management for the excellent pictures; and the Firesign Theatre, who truly prove the meaning of timelessness in the world of Now.

And a heartfelt (if tardy) tip of the hat to a few websites that helped a great deal in the photograph department. Firezine, the official magazine of all things Firesign (and one hell of a website) and Benway's House of Firesign, the official Firesign Webring homepage and home of a collection of photographs that must be seen to be believed. Thank you all ever so.