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Yes Virginia, there are Firesign Videos available for sale!

Firesign Videos

EverythingYouKnowIsWrong_DVD   Firesign Theatre:
Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Declassified Firesign Theatre 1968-1975
(DVD Format, 2-Disc Set)

More than 7 hours on two DVDs, most of it coming to home video for the very first time! In Everything You Know Is Wrong, reporter/seeker Harry Cox finds reality overtaking his conspiracy theories as the American Southwest is hit by aliens, comets, nudists, daredevils, psychics, fried eggs, holes to the center of the Earth, and proof that our Forefathers took drugs!

Also included:

  • Martian Space Party, a half-hour concert film from 1972;
  • Questions & Answers Live at UCSC, a full 1975 stage show;
  • Firesign's 1971 appearance on local L.A. TV show About a Week, featuring their short play "The Bob Sideburn News" and a group interview;
  • The Jack Poet Volkswagen ads, a beyond-belief series of eight real TV ads Firesign performed in 1969;
  • More than three hours of home movies;
  • ... and much more, including new commentaries, photo galleries, and extra surprises!

Seekers, you'll say: "Now I've seen it all!"

International customers: This DVD is Region Zero (i.e. No Region) so it should play in any DVD player in the world - as long as your player can play NTSC video.

$35.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $45 for International orders.)

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