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Here you will find announcements and links for upcoming Firesign live shows, as well as recordings of live shows on the group's own FIRESIGN RECORDS label.

Firesign In Performance

AnythyngeYouWantTo   Firesign Theatre:
Anythynge You Want To

The casual Firehead may not know that today's fab Firesign is merely the latest incarnation of a writing/acting troupe that's been bringing avant-garde laffs to the swells since 1600! From the nethermost regions of their traveling trunk, the Fyre Sygne Theatre unearthed this, the oldest script in their repertoire, to record for NPR in 1980. Knock your lobes to the Bard-basting play that had Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Coffeebean audiences alyke in stitches. This CD features the full NPR Earplay version of Anythynge, complete with wraparounds. Soon to be a fully-annotated book!

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(Please note: price is $15 for International orders.)

RadioNowLIVE   Firesign Theatre:
RadioNow Live! (2-CD Set)

Recorded in 1999, this two-disc collection captures Firesign just after the release of "Boom Dot Bust" performing live at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland. As the world awaits the premillennial punchline, the RadioNow crew of Bebop, Dwayne, Hal and Ray mix it up with Joe Camel, Princess Goddess and Dr. Winkiedinque, plus we visit the Wall of Science, buy a new car with Babe, melt some dry ice with Nick Danger, and please the groundlings with a full staging of "Anythynge You Want To".

$15.00    Click to order direct from FIRESALE
(Please note: price is $20 for International orders.)

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